February 2024

February 2024

Live Finish
29/02/2024 16:01 (CET)

Lot: 7 A 19th century Caucasian kindjal dagger, the silver sheath and hilt are finely chiselled with botanical patterns in the Niello technique coming together in a ball terminal. The reverse also ...

Lot: 200 A rare Ottoman Sultan Beyezid II Astrolabe. It is made of solid brass. It is decorated with calligraphy consisting of Islamic references and praise of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II. The ast ...

Lot: 16 Beautiful 18-19 century Afghan Pulwar Sword. The cross guard has a nice form with crownlike features on each side. Central on it is a gold flowerlike medallion as decoration. Other places on ...

Lot: 43 This is a handwritten and colourfully decorated part of the Quran. The calligraphy is in red ink in the Kufic script. The subject heads are decorated with yellow bands. Around the calligraph ...

A set of five 19th century porcelain sultan and sultana’s. They are all characteristically white with gold embellishments. The three larger pieces have the stamp of Jacob Petit on the ...
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A very beautifully decorated handwritten, complete Quran, by sheikh Hafith Mostafa Bin Hafith Ahmed Koubatki.   It is handwritten in the Nashk script, in black and gold ink. All pages ...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Two phases for bidding

Bidding takes place in two phases, the Pre-bidding and the Live-bidding.



Pre-bidding starts directly after the catalogue comes online. Which is usually about two weeks before the live-bidding starts. During this phase you can leave a bid at any time you want by clicking at the ‘plus-sign’ in the item page. 

You can also leave an ‘maximum bid’. You do this by writing your bid in the price box in the item page. 

You can make a pre-bid until the live-auction starts.



The Live-bidding starts at the date and time that published on the website. In the live auction all the lot’s will be actioned in the order of their lot numbers. To make a bid you will need to be online during the auction.

It is possible that you have made a bid in the Pre-bidding phase and that someone will outbid you in the Live-bidding phase. 

After winning a lot, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. This will contain a link to your page on Orientalist Art. The you: 

1. Can choose your payment method.

The payment will include:

  • The Hammer price (your winning bid)
  • 25% buyers’ commission
  • VAT
  • A percentage according to your method of payment (Credit card, PayPal etc.)

2. Will receive am e-mail confirming your choice of payment method

3. When you have paid for the lot, we will arrange transport.

Yes, Orientalist Art provides a postage and packaging service against a fee. For more information, please read this.

That is great! Please contact us at 

In your e-mail please include:

  1. Pictures
  2. Description of the item
  3. Minimum selling price
  4. Contact details

Sometimes the e-mails are directed to you Spam. Please check your e-mail Spam box or Junk mail to see if you have received the e-mail there. 

If you still cannot find it, please contact us at

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