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A rare first date al-Saffah gold coin 132 AH (749 AD)

A rare first date al-Saffah gold coin 132 AH (749 AD)

This is an extremely rare first date Abbasid gold Dinar for Abdullah Al-Saffah from the year 132 AH (716 AD) weighing 4,24 gr.

The Dinar comes with a certificate.

On it is written in Kufic: 

Side one:

In the name of God, this dinar was struck in the year one hundred and thirty-two. Mohammed messenger of  God (Bis- Millah,  Douriba hada Addinaar sanat Ithnaan wa Thalathin wa Mia. Mohammed Rassoul Allah) 

Side two: 

Muhammad is the Messenger of God, who sent him with guidance and the religion of truth, to make it prevail over all religions. There is no God, but God alone has no partner. ( Mohammed Rassoul Allah, Arssalahou Bil- Alhouda wa Din Alhak liyoudhirahou Ala Al- Din kollihi, La Illah illa Allah wahdahou la charika lah.)

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General information Abdullah Al-Saffah

Full name: Abu al-Abbas Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Ali bin Abdullah bin al-Abbas bin Abd al-Muttalib al-Qurashi al-Hashemi, Commander(Amir Al-Mouminin) of the Faithful
The first Abbasid caliph
Nickname: Abu Al-Abbas
Period: Five years 750 - 754 AD (132 - 136 AH)
The coronation: 750 AD (132 AH)
Place of birth: Al-Hamimah, south of Jordan, and buried in Anbar
His mother: Rita al-Harithiya

Abdullah Al-Saffah was the first of the Abbasid caliphs. He assumed power at the age of twenty-six and was the nineteenth caliph of the Muslim caliphs. Abu al-Abbas al-Saffah assumed his caliphate after eliminating all the influence of the Umayyads in the Islamic state. He was stern with his opponents, and most of his rulers were from his uncles and cousins. His caliphate only lasted four years, as he died in 136 AH (720 AD) of smallpox in Anbar.  

Dinar 132 AH was the first Abbasid Dinar and was inscribed in the simple Kufic script. Caliph Abdullah al-Saffah kept the round shape of the dinar as he inherited it from his predecessors, the Umayyad caliphs. He did change the wording on the Dinar replacing ‘God is one , God ,the Ethernal, who did not give birth and was not born’ ( Allah Ahad, Allah Al- Samad, Lam yalid wa lam youlad) with ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of God’.  ( Mohammed Rassoul Allah) 

The Dinar had a thickness of approximately 1 mm and a legal weight around 4,24 grams of pure 24-carat gold.  The weight may vary a gram, due to the minting molds. 

This Dinar is classified as scarce and rare, because not many were made. The political dynamics of that time made the striking of the coin irregular. 

It is in very good condition.

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